Corporate clients

We understand the importance of having long term trusted relationships. That is why at Independence Assured we seek to fully understand our clients, their businesses and family objectives, to enable us to help them achieve ongoing objectives. We enjoy and value being part of our client’s journey as much as they do.

Growing and maintaining a successful business hasn’t come easily. We have the same challenges and experiences as our clients in terms of running a business. This enables us to advise our clients on how best to manage your financial and business affairs to best effect. There is no substitute for real business experience.

With success come many pressures and concerns, amongst them is having the time to look after your own affairs and the knowledge to know you are in control of your finances, not risking and wasting your family wealth. Our team of financial planners and dedicated support staff can help you evaluate what is important for you and your family to achieve and why. You can have confidence that we ensure your finances are working hard, in yours and your family’s best interest.

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