Stage 1

Client discovery meeting (at no cost to you)

  • Understand your objectives in working with a firm such as ourselves and how we can work with you to provide the best advice and service
  • Understanding your personal, family and business objectives and aspirations
  • Ascertain broadly where you are financially and building your trust
  • Explain how we could add value in helping you meet your objectives
  • Explaining and agreeing on how we get paid if we are to work together
  • If we agree to work together then we get a more in depth understanding of your objectives, hopes and fears, aspirations, concerns, attitude to risk and tolerance to loss etc
  • We collate all relevant information of your existing affairs in order to be able to do a detailed assessment of your current financial position, policies and investments 


Stage 2

Research and report

  • Once collated, we can do a need analysis
  • We can liaise, where appropriate, with other financial institutions, banks, accountants and solicitors
  • Construct a report that summarises your current position, your objectives, any shortfalls between the two and some strategies for consideration in bridging any gaps
  • We establish the best strategy to achieve your most important objectives and protect your current position 


Stage 3

Recommendation & implementation meeting

  • Having agreed the strategy we can then formalise a plan which we will review (on a regular basis if agreed), keeping you informed on those matters which are most relevant and important to you
  • We can then make specific recommendations as to how this strategy can be best implemented
  • We explain the rationale behind these recommendations and ensure that this sits comfortably with you in order for you to achieve your objectives
  • We provide and assist you with the completion of all the relevant documentation
  • We collate and submit the paperwork to the relevant organisations
  • In doing this we answer all your queries and help you make an informed decision towards your financial freedom 


Stage 4

Ongoing service – Client relationship

• Review your financial plans

• Regular valuations