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Basic Income Tax and National Insurance Calculator

Select your Tax Allowances and National Insurance Status
Only for couples where one partner was born before 6th April 1935*.

* For simplicity assumes the most common situation - that the husband is age 76+ and has the higher income.

  • If the husband is between 66 and 75, and the wife is 76+ then the maxiumum difference is £30 a year more tax.
  • In those rare cases where the husband is under 66 and the wife 76+, it will be larger.
  • If incomes are such that the taper is fully used, age becomes irrelevent.
  • Note also that there are options to transfer,share, assign married couples allowance for tax planning purposes and that the date of marriage (before or after 5 December 2005) has an impact.

**National Insurance is not payable by those under 16, or over the state retirement age. The details are complex, but most people who do pay NI will fall into one of the categories listed, and the purpose of this is to at least give a ballpark idea of the total tax and NI liability that you face. If you wish to find out if you are Contracted In or Out, ask whoever prepares the wages, or your Personnel Department.

Tax credits NOT included. Add too much complexity to data entry.

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